” The New Civil Rights Era”

By James A Jenkins, BCETS

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Actions were taken, by people of goodwill which was peaceful most of the time. There were casualties. Change happened due to laws changing. I became a true American citizen due to these laws. Sadly in real-time, I have lived a life enduring moral attacks since then. True freedom has escaped me.

Supporters of Whang Communication Production are seeking to promote “Legal Action Advocacy.” Proactive to with employment when disabled. Driving while Latino or Black that produces incidents that can develop from violations to criminal charges. Obtaining affordable housing.  A good education in the public sector. Equal pay for women. ” Military Veterans and Public Safety officers rights. Health Care for all. ” These are American Social Justice issues today.

When incidents developed take legal action/s. The laws for protecting your rights are in place, and the battle is won in some cases. Know this, “there is always going to be a war and battles to win for those of us who seek equal rights.” Southern Poverty Law Center state there are groups of people who have the ability to say no. ” Not in my house, not in my backyard. Not any place or anytime. ” Of course, they have that right. As long it is conducted in a way that is legal nonviolence. This is what makes America. Note, this did not happen during the “Capital Building Riot” on January 6th, 2021.

” Recent events nationwide is proof we must become proactive to protecting what we are, Americans”. If we do not we all are going to wake up one morning and find it is all gone. I continue to study world history. Aware of world history repeats.  History states, that you will find, great societies that developed some of the same problems we are having today in America.  Economic and cultural, months later their government changed without their input. Change can happen overnight. Has it already?

We live in the “Eco, Information Age” functioning under the ” Great Divide” Our election period is proof of that. The problem is misinformation is information. Stigma and misinformation have always been the communicator tool for the ” Great Divide ” since the America Civil War period.

“Believe none of what you hear some of what you read and half of what you see.” Just maybe with proactive activity on your part, you can stand your ground.

The New York Times Magazine Published project 1619 presented an image of a painful struggle to obtain civil rights for Black Americans. This body of work is open to the world, noting Black America has a problem. It is our American problem. That in a short time must be addressed.

Blog Sites all over the world will be addressing issues relating to the New Civil Rights Era. Maybe world passion can help?

Bloggers have become a media source, most mainstream media have blogs. We will attempt to hold the true law of journalism and print evidence base opinions and reports. WCP is unable to post many articles. Small freelance media. Who at times is under attack in ways I can not discuss. I trust we are following the rule. We will try our best to point out what The New Civil Rights Era is like in the coming months and ask for your input.

Thanks for stopping by and continuing good health, for without it we cannot stand.

Don’t Give America Away

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BY James A. Jenkins Jr.

Today anyone can make up an accusation or allege inappropriate conduct about a person.  Misinformation has become the main frame to discredit individuals, companies, members of the media, even our country leaders, among others.  Cyber attacks, your co-worker hearsay all are apart of the New World Order. We live in the Information  Age, the problem misinformation is information. Does not sound like the United Sates, my fellow citizens it is the United States. People are not being held accountable for not truly understanding  the rules and their role in maintaining a great nation.

We still have people from all over the world flocking to our country asking  can we become Americans. Can we work hard hold our family dear and some day say we are American Citizens ? Like all countries, there are  contradictions of laws and social structure. Having noted that we must review how our progress in the world is causing huge problems. Technology has already taken away all aspects of our constitution.

Democrats and Republicans conventions are over now. The nominees have presented their case as to  what they can do for us. No candidate spoke of how they can restore our civil liberties. The reason why, they cannot do it alone.  Only you and I can rebuild our lost liberty.( The parents of the fallen US Army soldier held a copy of ACLU pocket guide for The Constitution.)  They can lead, but we must use the laws that are available  to protect us. Not look away when the other guy takes a hit. If wrongdoing develops in your life stand for what’s rights. The laws are there to protect you. Don’t just go on twitter. Write a letter to your representatives, local state federal.  Hold them accountable to your cause, complaints wishes.

The history books have many countries who populations look the other way. It’s not me, not my problem. One such country was Nazi Germany. No major body did anything during the period from 1926 until 1933 after which the party control Germany.  Our present social and economics problems demand input, trust, patients. This is not a commentary posting.  All hands on deck  for a better America. Become proactive for whatever cause.  for if we procrastinate, freedom can slip away. It can happen like lightning. Don’t give America away.  Thanks for stopping by and continuing good health. ( James Jenkins Counselor Emeritus, Freelance media New York Press Club)