” The New Civil Rights Era” By James A Jenkins

President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with Civil R...
Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

What is New Civil Rights Era? Frankly, it is about elements in America turning back the clock relating to voting rights.  Maintaining American Citizenship.  Your employment when disable. Driving while Latino or Black. Obtaining affordable housing.  Getting a good education in the public sector. Equal pay for women. Military Veterans and Public Safety officers rights.   “We all must become proactive to protecting what we are, Americans”. If we do not we all are going to wake up one morning and find its all gone. Now your thinking, he must be crazy? “Just a little,” I am however very aware of world history. History states,  you will find, great societies that develop some of the same problems we are having today in America.  Economic and cultural, months later their bottom drop out, their country was no more. Change can happen overnight. You never thought unions would be broken by outside political forces. A job for life, that was the thinking.

The events in the Middle East is proof. The world is unforgivable for it function as a unit now. We live in the “Eco Information Age”. The problem is misinformation is information. “Believe none of what you hear some of what you read and half of what you see.” Just maybe with proactive activity on your part you can stand your ground. The movie Selma has presented a image of an painful struggle to obtain voting rights for Black Americans.   This Blog Site  will be addressing issues relating to the New Civil Rights Era.  Bloggers have become a media source, most main stream media have blogs now. We will attempt to hold the true law of journalism, print evidence base opinions and reports. Trust we are following the rule.  Thanks for stopping by and continue good health. “We are no longer a new Blog. I am France now, for civil rights has become a real-time problem for all the world”

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