The Threat

Veterans Day 2009 Chicago Soldier Field

We have not been able to post any new material to date due to “The Threat” an expression of intent to harm, rendering warning, which is projecting a sense of danger. Frankly the hell with being threaten, base on first amendment rights we are conducting an ongoing investigation into criminal and medical civil rights violations by elements of our government. It appears local, state and federal government legal communities are  avoiding the plea of people once again. A web blog is a not so new avenue of  information press. HIPAA, ADA, and local  civil rights laws are under attack daily and like the military veterans advocacy community we are set to expose the wrong doing and tort activity.  May 10th Federal Appeals Court Opinion has presented the facts. The Department of veterans Affairs among other government agency are conducting tort activity. What we are seeking is information that can offer background that can be used as proof people are being place in situation in which they may never recover.

The target population are military veterans and in some cases public safety staff who developed disabilities.  This type of targeting a segment of the population has happen before. Nazi Germany conducted targeting the disable. You’re  saying we not Nazi Germany and you would be right. However we are a country that has lost it way. This is why Occupy Wall Street developed.  Threats to this website is not an attack on Whang Communication Production its a direct attack on the greater community like all criminal activity. Re-blogging this posting for the Threat and backlash continue, this date, April 25th 2015. I along with other veteran groups continue to stand up to a body of government ” who frankly doesn’t want to make it right “. It cannot be any reason why these torts actors continue to function.  Thanks for stopping by and continue good health. Welcome input and ask for partnering with those who share our passion.

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  1. There continue to be a situation preventing WCP website from obtaining the correct traffic response and comment/s. We continue to post for a proactive America in the New Civil Rights Era.


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