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My research has produced Bullying as a group or person controlling another group or person on an ongoing basis using physical or emotional harassment. In some cases this is  done by intimidation, dissemination of misinformation to frighten his or her victim/s. Bullying is mostly associated with children and teens in America.

Over the years there has been many victims of bullying who have taken their lives because they could not cope with the daily attacks or the shame that developed. Now it is a national problem a reason to discuss “bad behavior” and lack of respect for our fellow human.

During my teenage years in the nineteen sixties, we had bullying it came in the same form as it does today. For some reason these bullying situation did not develop into one wanting to take his or her life for the most part. Our parents made an intervention and protected the child or teen. The school administration investigated and took action to discontinue such acts.  Some of us, for everybody was “sounded, lied about, or physically attacked at some point at least once during Jr. High, High School.  Took to the school yard or basement of the school and fought the person conducting the bullying. Win or lose three weeks later they became friends. I for one wish I could find my bully today.

What we have today in real-time is something more. Menacing, to utter threats, sinister remarks, threatening behavior, auspicious. Bias, irrational preference or prejudice. Offenses in which the person conducting the act is based on hatred or criminal mischief. Others acts are American Civil Rights Violations, attacks on the rights guaranteed to all US citizens and residents by legislations, constitution laws. There are laws on the book local, state and federal. I understand what has happen since I was a teenager. I would like you to give me your comment/s. Why can’t people understand this is criminal activity. The action taken by so many in respect to the latest victim, a grandmother is proof. Your willing to give money but not willing to make our law enforcement personnel address these acts of criminal activity. Please logon to image and review the updated information.  Thanks for stopping by and continued good luck.

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  1. The State of New Jersey Vs Ravi. The reason the judgement was made, Mr. Dharun Ravi action is legally just criminal Mischief. Tyler Clementi suicide however painful was action taken completely on his part.
    Which mean violation of our privacy rights in America are not taken very serious. To be continued.


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