Crimes Against Children In America

Now that the Newtown shooting has taken place we need to take a look at crimes against children in America. Local, state, federal law enforcement are the keepers and maintain jurisdiction in protecting children. The Newtown killings however horrific is just one violent act, many child related offenses do not obtain the media attention. After we mourn ” The Newtown Children” lost we must become more proactive to protecting our children. The following is a short list, Federal Criminal Code and Rules under Title 18 of the United States code. Not being a betting man I am willing to bet a few dollars that most people have no idea of these minor laws,  covering children under the age of 18. Section 1201 Kidnapping, Section 1462 Importation or Transportation of Obscene Matters,  Section 1470 Transfer of Obscene Material to Minors. Section 1591 Sex Trafficking of Children or Force, Fraud, or Coercion. Section 2251A (a)(b) Selling or Buying of Children,are just a few of the laws. Hundreds of children in America yearly do not receive the attention of the media or law enforcement. There is “Amber Alert” for Kidnapping of children which the media and law enforcement partner, alerting the general population of  a missing or kidnapping of a child.

Gun control is not the answers, the reason, there are to many guns in the hands of to many Americans already. Criminals will always find  ways to get fire arms.  We as a community need to do more by educating our children to pit- falls that await them. We do not know when horror will occur, one should comprehend, violence and crime is part of American society, it’s not going away.  If we all work together, partner a proactive approach, who mission is to produce a better community, safer if you will we can curtail some of these acts of violence.  Thanks for stopping by and continue good health.