Congrat to Boston Law Enforcement

Mental Health Month Poster

Mental Health Month Poster (Photo credit: Army Medicine)

Now that the suspects have been handled, the good citizens of Boston must start to heal. This is a timely process, most will not start to comprehend the emotional trauma  until weeks later. “There is no shame in seeking assistance”,  much help is available. Mental Health Disorders has been on the front page lately due to citizens seeking gun control legislation. This is the positive aspect of mental health, treatment, putting the parts of life back, parts that have been taken away due to traumatic events.

Acts of terrorism is not mental illness for the most part, it is an emotion of misguided faith, creeds, attempts to violate human rights and produce a sense of fear to a community or nation. Law Enforcement culture is to gather and discuss operations over a beer. Peer discussion is a good source for addressing feelings,emotions. However, if peer discussion cannot control anxiety then there may be the need to seek professional counseling. Mental Health America provides Workplace Wellness. “Remember, there no shame, you have just experience an act unlike any in the history of your Boston.” Continue good health and thanks for stopping by.