Ms Chiara De Blasio Holiday Gift

Christmas Holidays is a time of the year when some individuals tend to feel out of sorts, or depress. Not sharing the holidays with family,friends for whatever reason can produce negative feelings. “One might what to drink and or drug these feeling into place.” Make them right, simply go away. Now, we all know this type of activity is not going to help one who has depressing feelings. The problem is, we don’t all know. The young Ms De Blasio produced  a video for public viewing was timely for she might have save some people from enduring the emotional pain of depression and substance abuse. The thinking, look at her. This was a very brave act and an important one. Now that her father is Mayor of New York City, Mayor Elect at this posting. Sadly this type of private information has a way of becoming public.

A advocate for privacy for this at risk population and a professional for more than twenty years I would like to thank New York First Daughter for her public display of a very private matter. There is much work to do relating to the stigma of  consumers with mental health issues. All the laws our Congress has passed in support, Rehab. Act., ADA, HIPAA, among other civil rights laws have been largely ignored, overlooked. Violation happens each and everyday, and people have had their live ruin. Lost employment, family and friends who turn away because they do not understand.

Flag of the Mayoral Office of New York City Source

Flag of the Mayoral Office of New York City Source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I trust New York City Newly elected Mayor  will work with the greater Mental Health Community in addressing Stigma of  Consumers. A good portion of these people have a good deal to offer New York City if given the option.  Continue good health Ms Blasio.

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