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English: USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center Dire...

English: USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center Director and Huffington Post & Jewish Journal Columnist Marty Kaplan. Photo taken by Edo Photographer Creative Commons License (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the last posting for the year 2013 I trust those who have reviewed the material posted on this Blog came away with the idea we have completed  our mission.  We are proactive to events, happenings, and history in the New Civil Rights Era. Our world has change so we all must react, adjust, wonder what is next in our lives.  Unlike bloggers like Washington, Huffington Post, or the Daily Beast, this manager does not have the legal or financial support to conduct investigations into misconduct and wrongdoing.  We do however follow the Noun of being a blog, a website containing  writer’s who present, based on evidence, their own experiences, observations,opinions, with images, and links to other websites.  Still we received backlash attacks for following the noun of blogging.  Maybe we are doing something currently.  Over the years  I have  been able to have discussions with major players in media. Given the opportunity to cover the President of the United States, let the backlash keep coming. We will continue to use available media resources to perform our mission.

January first is the way most of the world start a new fresh look at life. Lets work together  toward looking at  December 31st 2014 with pride of Human accomplishments.  HAPPY NEW YEAR and continue good health.

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