PTSD or Fraud, 1020 New York City

Another group of New York City retired public safety employees were arrested and charged with disability fraud. This was the second group to be arrested and suspected of filing fake, bogus Social Security Disability Insurance benefits claims based on their duty during World Trade Center Crisis. The New York City District Attorney Office stated all received money benefits, some totaling more than $ 100.000 dollars.  The Social Security Agency Investigators stated  a red flag was produced when claims from the same health professionals, claims case managers, and attorneys came from the same parties.  SSI investigators then conducted a surveillance investigation into the activities of these former public safety personnel and found the activity contrary to the agency mental health claims laws.

Co-Occurring Disorders are PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, in most cases there is Substance Abuse. For the purpose of this article, SSDI staffers ask during the claim process, “can you work”, your answer must be no. SSDI law is strict, anyone receiving benefits cannot perform any gainful employment at any time while obtaining benefits. The problems seem to be, “is your free time work”, “can I conduct any activity, even those not related to work.” The DA office is seeking  a conviction if the following is not available. These conditions are chronic mental health disorders, which mandate professional counseling for life. One should be in a support group of some type, professional or self-help. Some consumers need mental health medications. The information on the consumers narrative ( report from patient) must be supported. NYPD officers have memo pads which a supervisor sign-off while on duty. Family members should weigh in as supporters.

Base on the information presented to the public by the Manhattan  D.A. office the complete claim process was false reporting and professional fraud. ” My only concern having manage numerous Veterans Claims, some who were public safety employees, will my consumers and I have a legal problem ? Binder Binder has conducted Legal Representation for SSDI claims for 35 years now, they refer to the same professionals, their case managers are the same employees. Must their consumers be concern about government investigators ?

I am sure there is wrongdoing here, however I have asked my consumers,” get out the house, go camping, fishing,” take a trip to see your family in Florida. I will be waiting and following Mr. Vance for we both have concerns. 1020 America. 

google:  James Allen Jenkins, Counselor Emeritus

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