Mr. Don Sterling Esq. A Racist ! By James A. Jenkins Jr.

Mr. Don Sterling,  a racist ?  most of the sports news these days has coverage on the attorney and owner of the LA. Clippers. A recent taped conversation by a female associate and part-time employee, who name I will not post,  her initials however are B.S.  Produced a backlash unlike any in the sports world since the great Jackie Robinson.  Lets understand the first part, how the scandal started. The information was obtained in a questionable manner. In New York State, if a person/s tape/s a personal conversation without informing the other party, you will have committed a felony criminal act.  Since we have heard Mr. Sterling remarks a thousand times. Review the content from this eighty year old American Jewish man, “lets not go into detail”. Is he  truly prejudices person, a true racist? Or a product of American culture who has been super rich for most of his life.

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. made comments about Jeremy Lin a former New York Knicks” he is a good player, but all the noise is being made because he a Asian”. He wasn’t even a  Asian American, just Asian. Is Mayweather a racist?  Bad conduct of course, but not a racist. May I attempt to explain or define a racist. Using the criminal justice to produced a culture, slave labor. More than one hundred years of Jim Crow Laws which control the male population of a race. Unable to drink water from the same fountain as a white person. Unable to go to a good school because you’re a black person. Now that is being a racist.

The late actor John Wayne was said to state “I believe in White Supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of having  responsibility.”  The win all for me a black male, Paris Hilton, she was quoted, ” I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one its gross.”  Should she be made to sell the Hilton empire? In the United States a good deal of the employees in hospitality are black.

I have heard it said several times, I was interviewed by News 12 in Westchester relating to a major oil company executive making similar comments, racist content in conversation. If you live or work around other ethnical people  you will hear something. We all been there, whoever you are. The good part about the Don Sterling , I got you Incident. There is a diverse force that able to address this type of behavior and has the ability to hold individual/s accountable.  All good people in business are coming to understand the work place is home for many and should be respected.

  By Line James A. Jenkins Jr.