Violent Shootings In America

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English: Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu (1385-1468) Polski: Şerafeddin Sabuncuoğlu (1385-1468) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The violent traumatic event that took place today in Newtown Connecticut is indeed painful for all Americans. I think we can all agree all  violent shootings are heart-felt. These Americans  civil rights were grossly violated. Now the discussion, was this the action of a crazy man? How did a mental ill person get so many guns? All this conversation today and the investigation has just started, there are no real facts other than twenty seven Americans were killed in the AM. Custodial interrogation of the suspect brother and friends has produced little information referring today attack . So why the discussion is he crazy,  or mentally ill. The elements of this crime reads like a problematic person who had lost all hope,wanting to show his pain undertaking a planned attack bringing pain to others. It can be said that a person who kills children is insane. However he may not be clinically insane, there is evil in this world, believe it or not. We as a society must address issues as fact not emotion. America is not going to surrender the right to bare arms no one could have predict the Newtown Shooting. Guns don’t kill people,people kill people. Most people who kill people are not crazy or insane. Crime, emotional incidents, are the real killers, not guns. If there were no guns in the street people still would be killing one another, its world history. Americans who get behavioral health counsel are not killers. Like anyone else in this country they can kill, more often they do not. One reason is they are seeking help to control their emotion, impulsive action. Ninety eight percent of people with behavioral health disorders are not people who take guns and assault members of the greater community. Lets get our facts right before we start the discussion.

The social self.

The social self. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Occupy The Corner

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A 20 segment panoramic image of the New York Midtown skyline as viewed from the Empire State Building at night (looking North). Taken with a Canon 5D and 85mm f/1.8 lens at f/1.8, ISO 800 and 1/40s exposures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Official seal of New York City

Official seal of New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Last week people gathered together on street corners in New York City to protest the many gun attacks taking place. This is the type of proactive activity we are promoting. We must make change happen, our Blog is not about  Black or White People. It’s about using the rights won by world wars and civil actions. Please comment and link with your friends and co-workers. Thanks for stopping by and continued good luck.


CBS News Lost A Icon


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English: Publicity photo of Mike Wallace and Harry Reasoner from the premiere of 60 Minutes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mike Wallace (journalist)


The family of CBS News has lost a Icon I lost a Champion of the people. That is how the population that I advocate for saw Mr. Wallace. Some years ago during an interview Mr. Wallace made public he had a mental health disorder. Which one is not important, the fact he was a consumer is all one need to know, a code word professional use to  maintain confidentiality. Mr. Wallace became a personal friend when he stood up to a direct attack by New York City TLC Police officer. Mr Wallace vehicle was stop on New York city streets and an interaction took place. Mr Wallace being Mr. Wallace was out spoken and forth right in his response to the incident. Shortly after Mike was arrested and booked for a criminal offense.


I met Mr. Wallace during New York Press club gatherings. We discuss  advocating for hidden disability in” The New Civil Rights Era” and found it’s a up hill battle. Big business and government see hidden disability complaints as part of doing business. “Just send them to legal find a remedy life goes on. No real effort to prevent such actions from taking place in real-time is taken. An apathetic approach, some firms have insurance to cover such complaints. While employed you have the right not to discuss any hidden disability. While at work if a conditions develop on their time,  management tends to feel they been taken advantage of and go on the attack mode. Now that Mr. Wallace is gone all concern parties must turn up the volume and work for a better tomorrow. RIP my friend and thanks.


DIGNITY, Attack On American Culture

Youth Culture - Hippies 1960s

Youth Culture – Hippies 1960s (Photo credit: brizzle born and bred)


(Logon to photo for more information)   “Have we become zoo people ???

International hackers attacking our financial systems.

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Česky: Kreditní karty Deutsch: Kreditkarten English: Credit cards Français : Cartes de crédit Italiano: Carte di credito Русский: Банковские карты Tiếng Việt: Thẻ tín dụng 中文: 信用卡 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Question the meaning of the word Dignity in our American Society today.”           American Society

Coney dog, a type of chili dog

Coney dog, a type of chili dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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a plate of a whole meatloaf garnished with a sauce on top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon.

Pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bacon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is not caring for your fellow

American ????

  • (steffanjoneshughes.wordpress.com)
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We should be questioning our dignity as Americans more ????

“A Child of God”

New York State Thruway shield
Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford
Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

The Trayvon Martin shooting bought pain to my heart as if I lost my own son. How could this happen in America after we have made so much progress relating to one another? This type of activity has taken place in several cities in my home area in New York State. “Young and senior black males being shot by white law enforcement officers.” The wall is up now, the “Blue Wall.” As freelance journalist we interface with law enforcement officials, Its not going good. Certain coverage has produced hard feelings. I don’t know any members in law enforcement, I have friends “who are law enforcement.” They protect people, assist others and place themselves at risk in life ending situations.

The emotional painI feel is based on pass history, incidents like what has taken place happen weekly for years. All the good Americans people are asking is, the law must apply it’s machinery and make a comprehensive attempt to address the outrage the people feel.


Law Library DVDs

Law Library DVDs (Photo credit: William & Mary Law Library)weekly for years. I thought by 2012 we have move on. What can we all do to curtail these unnatural attacks? Discussion may help, partnership in government, frankly I am out of answers. I am depending on you now to post comments. Thanks for stopping by and continued good luck.

Is It Time To Focus ?

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That is the big question these days. Occupy Wall Street has focus on wall street. A general presidential election is upon us on Tuesday November 6.  Should we focus on the election ? Should we focus on protecting our family from the lack of respect by local government/s ? Should we focus are assisting our veterans populations returning from deployment around the world ?  Maybe we should focus on making our children understand how bad our country economics are and why we cannot give them everything they ask now. Or maybe we should focus on doing nothing ? Whatever you focus on, just focus. stick with it until you develop change or get answers. Take those answers and move forward. If you choose to focus on nothing you will receive nothing. There is much to focus on in our America. Wishing all a well focus New Year.  I have taken the position of addressing “New Jim Crow Era” and protecting the civil rights obtained over the last sixty years. Thanks for stopping by and continue good luck.

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The Threat

Veterans Day 2009 Chicago Soldier Field

We have not been able to post any new material to date due to “The Threat” an expression of intent to harm, rendering warning, which is projecting a sense of danger. Frankly the hell with being threaten, base on first amendment rights we are conducting an ongoing investigation into criminal and medical civil rights violations by elements of our government. It appears local, state and federal government legal communities are  avoiding the plea of people once again. A web blog is a not so new avenue of  information press. HIPAA, ADA, and local  civil rights laws are under attack daily and like the military veterans advocacy community we are set to expose the wrong doing and tort activity.  May 10th Federal Appeals Court Opinion has presented the facts. The Department of veterans Affairs among other government agency are conducting tort activity. What we are seeking is information that can offer background that can be used as proof people are being place in situation in which they may never recover.

The target population are military veterans and in some cases public safety staff who developed disabilities.  This type of targeting a segment of the population has happen before. Nazi Germany conducted targeting the disable. You’re  saying we not Nazi Germany and you would be right. However we are a country that has lost it way. This is why Occupy Wall Street developed.  Threats to this website is not an attack on Whang Communication Production its a direct attack on the greater community like all criminal activity. Re-blogging this posting for the Threat and backlash continue, this date, April 25th 2015. I along with other veteran groups continue to stand up to a body of government ” who frankly doesn’t want to make it right “. It cannot be any reason why these torts actors continue to function.  Thanks for stopping by and continue good health. Welcome input and ask for partnering with those who share our passion.

” The New Civil Rights Era” By James A Jenkins

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Image via Wikipedia

What is New Civil Rights Era? Frankly, it is about elements in America turning back the clock relating to voting rights.  Maintaining American Citizenship.  Your employment when disable. Driving while Latino or Black. Obtaining affordable housing.  Getting a good education in the public sector. Equal pay for women. Military Veterans and Public Safety officers rights.   “We all must become proactive to protecting what we are, Americans”. If we do not we all are going to wake up one morning and find its all gone. Now your thinking, he must be crazy? “Just a little,” I am however very aware of world history. History states,  you will find, great societies that develop some of the same problems we are having today in America.  Economic and cultural, months later their bottom drop out, their country was no more. Change can happen overnight. You never thought unions would be broken by outside political forces. A job for life, that was the thinking.

The events in the Middle East is proof. The world is unforgivable for it function as a unit now. We live in the “Eco Information Age”. The problem is misinformation is information. “Believe none of what you hear some of what you read and half of what you see.” Just maybe with proactive activity on your part you can stand your ground. The movie Selma has presented a image of an painful struggle to obtain voting rights for Black Americans.   This Blog Site  will be addressing issues relating to the New Civil Rights Era.  Bloggers have become a media source, most main stream media have blogs now. We will attempt to hold the true law of journalism, print evidence base opinions and reports. Trust we are following the rule.  Thanks for stopping by and continue good health. “We are no longer a new Blog. I am France now, for civil rights has become a real-time problem for all the world”