Finding The History!

Name of the Jim Crow typeface.

Name of the Jim Crow typeface. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Picked up a new book: The New Jim Crow Mass In...

Picked up a new book: The New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness (Photo credit: Jeremy Franklin)

This months review we are seeking to find background material as to why there is so much disparities in America Justice system. The New Jim Crow Era  is upon us ruining lives, killing people daily. Michelle Alexander book “The New Jim Crow” present a comprehensive overview. Noting, America has the most incarcerated population in the world, greater than China and the former USSR. Further examination by author Khalil Gibran Muhammad “The Condemnation of Blackness” suggest our history has forge a structured legal system that is bias, based on economics and the ability to pay.  One can only obtain justice if they pay large  amounts of money to high profile attorneys.  The legal body of America  holding down segments of our population in a effort to produce  groups that can be use as low-cost labor. Frankly what is happening today is part of America DNA and will never change. Unequal Under Law, Race In The War On Drugs by Doris Marie Provine project the Racial injustice by the courts relating to drugs and sentence. Being a non white male in America is dangerous, for one never know what could happen conducting daily living.  DA Robert Johnson, boro of  Bronx New York, has taken steps to address the policy of “Stop and Fisk”  by placing a DA policy in place. Officers must report to his office, as to why they felt the need to conduct such activity. America is wonderful, it is also a dangerous place.” WE” as citizens must work together to avoid misconduct by all citizens, Law enforcement are citizens also.


Reviewing our legal history in America we need to discover a policy to fit what we are are as a nation. As it present itself now, America is in a bad place when maintaining  justice. I recommend you review these publish works and cast your opinions, how we can once again become proactive and  correct what appears to be wrong.  This “micro war that is being conducted” is going to cause more devastation in our future if we don’t address the issue of unequal under the law. Thanks for stopping by and continued good health.

Michelle Alexander at the Miller Center Forum

Michelle Alexander at the Miller Center Forum (Photo credit: Miller_Center)