Evil ! By James Allen Jenkins Jr. Counselor Emeritus

By Line James A. Jenkins Jr.

Evil, the adjective, morally wrong, bad, wicked, harmful, injurious, profoundly immorality, in-balance behavior. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports documents 784 active hate groups in America. Their members dislike, some hate, Black people,Latinos, LGBT, among others Americans. These members can produce deadly results when confronted. Extremism come in all races. There at least 113 Black Separatist groups. Some are overt others are covert actors who have members in the greater community. I am not going to weigh in posting information relating to recent workplace violence incident by a former member of the media. (who was a black male)

Once again, main stream media, “he was a crazy man who was mentally ill.” Of course this individual had personal issue/s which prompted his behavior.  However, we, by that I mean all media. Must stop these open attacks on the mental ill community. Most person with mental illness do not go and buy guns and seek out people to kill.  This stigma reporting should stop. Defining mental illness is a long process. Poverty, lack of education can produce emotional elements of behavior, often these people are just what they are, and not mentally ill.

Which bring me to the real issue, Evil. There is evil in this world, it is a force, just like all natural disorders. Guns in America are not going away.  Gun control, how much more can government do. The laws are there. Keep in mind when we became a free nation we did not have to send or request guns from other nations. The citizenry maintain weapons an Army was form the rest is history.

Mass Killings, Workplace Violence, Movie House attacks has become a part of our way of life. Comment, all we can do is address the possibility that force of Evil is around us. Not think about daily, not blame the mentally ill when it develop.

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Technology, Has It Taken Away Our Constitutional Rights ??????


ARIZONA BORDERS AND CITIZEN SAFETY… (Photo credit: roberthuffstutter)

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Seal of the United States Department of Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are serious violations of our fourth amendments rights conducted by local, state, federal agencies daily.  Events concerning questionable activity by the Justice Department is background there is a problem. Surveillance abuse by members of law enforcement, FBI obtaining phone records on ordinary citizens is evidence. “Operation Fast and Ferious,” were members of our government sold high powered weapons to gangsters from another country in which a Special Agent with U.S. Border Patrol was killed sometime later.  Violation of some of our labor and civil rights laws is additional evidence. All had elements of miss used technology.

In real-time these unjust acts, Civil and criminal, are not being address or we can say no one is being held accountable. Taking a moral stand, employing the host of the greater community may stop some of these violation, social attacks. Families who are low economic level  are fighting to conduct basic daily living. Most do not understand how technology affects them. All the rest of our population,those who have college degrees, advance degrees, entrepreneurs, professionals labor, skilled labor, public safety, all the rest are so busy trying to keep up a structured life style there is no time to reflex, “what the hell is going on”?  The need for all Americans to take a good look at how technology has affected their life, is  a must.

Lets discuss ID theft which is only part of the story, 2004 statics taken from Aftermath Study, Theft Resource Center, ten million people ID have been victims. 47% have trouble getting credit or loans, if they do get credit it’s at higher rates. 11% receive negative impact when attempting to obtain employment or housing. 70% never rid themselves of the negative information maintain at credit agencies. 40% suffer from emotional stress, often seeking professional counseling and treatment. 42% are unable to trust people, 60% feel they are unprotected by law enforcement. Electronic medical records are  often compromised, can endanger continued care.  “What we have is a great product being use badly.” There are situation individuals end up dead from being victims.

We constructed a pretty good society,”we all can agree America is the best.”  Commentary, lets not give away our America, lets become more proactive when problem develop due to miss use of technology contact your representatives or council person. They have the information that can help you, follow-up.  Thanks for stopping by and continued good health.