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Privacy Act, 1974

Privacy for Business

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I would like to introduce a bit of legal history to all American citizens under thirty years old.  A law enacted in December 31st 1974, Privacy Act.   One could say a protection law , congress thought  would correct a good deal of wrongdoing by governmental officials maintaining records. Federal Trade Commission, Federal Medical Centers,  in fact all identifiable federal agencies who process records. The Privacy Act prohibits the disclosure of any and all information from a system of records without written consent from the individual/s. Only in legal cases noted in the provisions could a person or other agency get such requested information. The Department of Justice was on board  because it was federal law.

Since the day this law was enacted it has been breach by thousand maybe millions of persons, officials from all levels of government, for their able to use slick semi lawful procedure, pursuant to all twelve statutory exceptions. The Act was amended in 1988, Computer Matching and Privacy Protecting Act. This is how the IRS checks and reviews information if your working while receiving disability payments,  The IBM Project. The Act does not protect non US citizens. ” All this noise about leaks, it has gone on for almost forty years.” Insurance companies, private investigators, medical institutions, law enforcement, all have system to get information you did not consent to.

Hear is the good news, seek out those who would violate your life and use the many legal avenues available for you to return to the real America. If you allow the sub America to beat you, we all are going to endure a big change. German Jews did not act from 1926 1933, they said we are German nothing going to happen to us. Others took what was valuable and travel to other countries.” I think they had the sense of the future of Nazi Germany. Question do you have a sense of America future?????

Thanks for stopping by and continued good health. Special note, CBS news New York aired a segment, Nov 12th, 11pm. Consumer Reporting Agencies, they stated these agencies conduct legal investigations. This is the problem, true public records is open to review by anyone. However these companies conduct illegal activity. They can obtain Insurance, personal medical information among other background which is in violation of State and Federal laws.

“We must hold these companies accountable, always review privacy policy, then consult an attorney. Most of all become proactive to the world we live in now. The Information Age, The problem, Misinformation is information.”

Seal of the United States Federal Trade Commis...

Seal of the United States Federal Trade Commission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)