Is It Time To Focus ?

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That is the big question these days. Occupy Wall Street has focus on wall street. A general presidential election is upon us on Tuesday November 6.  Should we focus on the election ? Should we focus on protecting our family from the lack of respect by local government/s ? Should we focus are assisting our veterans populations returning from deployment around the world ?  Maybe we should focus on making our children understand how bad our country economics are and why we cannot give them everything they ask now. Or maybe we should focus on doing nothing ? Whatever you focus on, just focus. stick with it until you develop change or get answers. Take those answers and move forward. If you choose to focus on nothing you will receive nothing. There is much to focus on in our America. Wishing all a well focus New Year.  I have taken the position of addressing “New Jim Crow Era” and protecting the civil rights obtained over the last sixty years. Thanks for stopping by and continue good luck.

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  1. James, I think it is time to focus on the fundamental tool that international corporate terrorists have used to subvert our government: Their “right” to buy our representatives in Congress and the White House by paying for their election campaigns.

    This is the time to strike at the heart of the corporatocracy by making support for a constitutional amendment to ban special interest money in elections a campaign issue in every election in which we can run a candidate who will make a Pledge to Amend:


    1. Doc I need your help. I am requesting you share this Blog and network with your group requesting comment. I think my Blog has been compromised and those who attempt to logon are seeing negative information prior to logon. This would help me comprehend as to what is going on. Thanks


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