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Don’t Give America Away

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BY James A. Jenkins Jr.

Today anyone can make up an accusation or allege inappropriate conduct about a person.  Misinformation has become the main frame to discredit individuals, companies, members of the media, and even our country leaders, among others.  Cyber attacks and your co-worker’s hearsay all are a part of the New World Order. We live in the Information  Age, and the problem of misinformation is information. Does not sound like the United States, my fellow citizens it is the United States. People are not being held accountable for not truly understanding the rules and their role in maintaining a great nation.

We still have people from all over the world flocking to our country asking, can we become Americans? Can we work hard hold our family dear and someday say we are American Citizens? Like all countries, there are contradictions in laws and social structure. Having noted that we must review how our progress in the world is causing huge problems. Technology has already taken away all aspects of our constitution.

Democrats and Republicans conventions are over now. The nominees have presented their case about what they can do for us. No candidate spoke of how they can restore our civil liberties. The reason why they cannot do it alone.  Only you and I can rebuild our lost liberty. ( The parents of the fallen US Army soldier held a copy of the ACLU pocket guide for The Constitution.)  They can lead, but we must use the laws that are available to protect us. Do not look away when the other guy takes a hit. If wrongdoing develops in your life stand for what’s right. The laws are there to protect you. Don’t just go on Twitter. Write a letter to your representatives, local state federal.  Hold them accountable to your cause, complaints wishes.

The history books have many countries whose populations look the other way. It’s not me, not my problem. One such country was Nazi Germany. No major body did anything during the period from 1926 until 1933 after which the party controlled Germany.  Our present social and economic problems demand input, trust, and patients. This is not a commentary posting.  All hands on deck for a better America. Become proactive for whatever cause.  for if we procrastinate, freedom can slip away. It can happen like lightning. Don’t give America away.  Thanks for stopping by and continuing good health. ( James Jenkins Counselor Emeritus, Freelance media New York Press Club)

No More COPS By James A Jenkins Jr.

By Line James A. Jenkins Jr.

”  You said, I saw two a few minutes ago. This media person must have a serious problem. ”  Let me explain why there are no more COPS. COP, constable on patrol or community oriented policing. That the real meaning for cop.  Primary duties, protection of the people and property in the area they are assign. In some place this relates to being off duty.

What we have now are Police Officers, Peace Officers. These men and women take on society problems as they develop in real-time. Emergency, domestic disputes, gang shootings, these are the incidents that can prevent a PO from coming home this night or any other day. There are others who make up the body of law enforcement. Detective, Court Officer, investigator, Crime Specialist, Emergency Units, Correction Officer. Designated Peace Officer some who are arm volunteers. Even the sometime hated Marshall and their Deputies, Parole Officers among others who are to implement the rule of law.

Major media coverage has presented vivid picture of Police officers abuse around America, and the general public is asking why?  One reason there are no more cops. PO who knew your name and you his. Officers Joe, Bob, even officer boop. For he would hit you with his night stick to let you know you must follow their direction. Not hurt you that’s why he was officer boop he was given a nick name.

The “Job” is hard work these days as it has always been.  We must find a balance between the greater community and Police Officer the Peace Officer. COPS are long gone in most communities. How we can make the Police Officer COP presents a bigger Q&A I cannot answer at this time. Understanding who they are can be a start. Police management and supervision has a place in cooperation for a better America, for the situation is national. James A. Jenkins Jr. is Counselor Emeritus, an educational provider NYSOASAS 

Q. Are Traffic Violations Criminal Activity

By Line James A. Jenkins Jr.
By James A. Jenkins, Counselor Emeritus

Recent investigation has produce evidence vehicle and traffic law has become the tool to criminalize a good portion of the greater community. Police officers can place a person in jail or prison with harden felons sharing the same cell. I think we all can agree traffic laws and public safety are paramount in maintaining a structure modern society. I interviewed public safety personnel who have stated traffic enforcement is first on their list. They conduct a vigilant approach while on duty towards violators of traffic laws, paying special attention to Drunk Drivers. The courts have develop a legal process that can make one think twice about breaking traffic laws. Mushrooming fines, Surcharges, Drug Education which the violator must pay for. Device fees, loss of one privilege to drive a motor vehicle all to get violators attention. Which for some citizens can be address by obtaining a good attorney.  However, your attorney cannot stop you from being arrested, booked, finger printed, photograph and charged with a criminal act.

In some area of the country people are unable to pay their fines and warrants are place for their arrest. Already disadvantage this may mean, lost employment and serving a sentence. Now you have an arrest record.

This is where the criminalization forms. open court, in some cases media coverage, community service, loss of employment. ” let the whole greater community know you violated the traffic laws”. Ever attempt to dispute a parking or moving violation ticket, numerous phone calls and time in court. In most cases the citizens does not fare well. These days arrest can be posted on the internet for all to see. Reviewing these cases,  action taken by police officers were questionable. “I am not for a minute, stating citizens who violate traffic laws should be given brakes or let go because their good citizens, law enforcement must do their job. I am asking, you the citizen, why must the legal system allow what may be a one time occurrence follow you for the rest of your life. First offense, employers should not be able to hold your violation against you. Yet there is situation were person are let go. We need balance, the Justice Lady scales are off greatly. High, low, if you have money for good legal representation the scale is high, low if your poor. We are not perfect people at some  point in life we fail, maybe we can get the courts to understand. My guess in twenty yrs we all will have some type of police record. This is a edited blog. Today report by Department of Justice, Ferguson Mo. produce evidence not just this small American town has a problem the pattern is national. Westchester County New York among others are conducting the same targeting activity as Ferguson Mo. I will be working to address these acts of color of law.  Thanks for stopping by and continue good health.

Essay of Notes By James A. Jenkins Jr.

By Line James A. Jenkins Jr.    

 Note, Dred Scott Decision, America Supreme Court, decision in March 1857.  Blacks are not citizens, they could never be citizens,they are property, not people. No Black person could sue in court. The decision was reversed by the Civil Rights Act of 1865.

  Note, Jim Crow, Challenge 1876 until 1965 laws which mandated segregation, local and state. Racial Terrorism prompted by the Ku, Klux, Klan in the south and an unjust legal system in the northern states. “The Condemnation of Blackness authored by Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at the New York Public Library in Harlem, New York. Notes how politics, policies,  and out right Prejudice control the Black population in America.” (some polices continue) 

Note, during this period W.E.B. Dubois formed The N.A.A.C.P. in 1909 along with other Americans who were seeking justice. ( note, I did not spell it out, if you don’t know look it up. ) Then there was Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association. The African Community League, A Phillip Randolph’s Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Who fought for labor relations. Standing to written laws. 

The Civil Rights Movement from 1955-1968. which produced confusion in part for after these laws were pass by congress. An element in America unlike no other before set out to turn back the clock. They have attacked and used their resources since the 1970’s. and continue today. 

This is why this blog was produced to discuss some of these notes, for the struggle for a true American society  continue today. In New York city a few days ago an incident develop were a black middle age man was given a lawful command  by police to adhere to a arrest. It became a police incident due to Mr. Garner dying from the attempted arrest. There has been national coverage of the incident. Trusting after the complete investigation by all bodies of government justice will prevail. I thank all for loging on and continue good health. 

Mr. Don Sterling Esq. A Racist ! By James A. Jenkins Jr.

Mr. Don Sterling,  a racist ?  most of the sports news these days has coverage on the attorney and owner of the LA. Clippers. A recent taped conversation by a female associate and part-time employee, who name I will not post,  her initials however are B.S.  Produced a backlash unlike any in the sports world since the great Jackie Robinson.  Lets understand the first part, how the scandal started. The information was obtained in a questionable manner. In New York State, if a person/s tape/s a personal conversation without informing the other party, you will have committed a felony criminal act.  Since we have heard Mr. Sterling remarks a thousand times. Review the content from this eighty year old American Jewish man, “lets not go into detail”. Is he  truly prejudices person, a true racist? Or a product of American culture who has been super rich for most of his life.

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. made comments about Jeremy Lin a former New York Knicks” he is a good player, but all the noise is being made because he a Asian”. He wasn’t even a  Asian American, just Asian. Is Mayweather a racist?  Bad conduct of course, but not a racist. May I attempt to explain or define a racist. Using the criminal justice to produced a culture, slave labor. More than one hundred years of Jim Crow Laws which control the male population of a race. Unable to drink water from the same fountain as a white person. Unable to go to a good school because you’re a black person. Now that is being a racist.

The late actor John Wayne was said to state “I believe in White Supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of having  responsibility.”  The win all for me a black male, Paris Hilton, she was quoted, ” I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one its gross.”  Should she be made to sell the Hilton empire? In the United States a good deal of the employees in hospitality are black.

I have heard it said several times, I was interviewed by News 12 in Westchester relating to a major oil company executive making similar comments, racist content in conversation. If you live or work around other ethnical people  you will hear something. We all been there, whoever you are. The good part about the Don Sterling , I got you Incident. There is a diverse force that able to address this type of behavior and has the ability to hold individual/s accountable.  All good people in business are coming to understand the work place is home for many and should be respected.

  By Line James A. Jenkins Jr.

American Second President

LBJ was the second President who directly supported increasing the citizenship of Black Americans. Prior to his intervention and prompting congress to pass the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964. American Blacks were only 3/5, American citizens. The world was taking notice, ” is America truly a country were all men and women are equal.” We seem to be still working on that. Thanks to all the brave citizens who stood up to domestic terrorism, along with world opinion. This was the force that produced change more than sixty years ago.

President Obama stated during his address at the National Action Network  convention in New York City, Friday April 18th. We must become motivated and proactive to protecting our gains as citizens for there are elements in our country that would like to turn back the clock.  It is up to you, the citizen to maintain voting rights among other civil rights laws pass over the years.  The message is out. Thanks for stopping by and continue good health. (this posting was updated and blog again)

PTSD or Fraud, 1020 New York City

Another group of New York City retired public safety employees were arrested and charged with disability fraud. This was the second group to be arrested and suspected of filing fake, bogus Social Security Disability Insurance benefits claims based on their duty during World Trade Center Crisis. The New York City District Attorney Office stated all received money benefits, some totaling more than $ 100.000 dollars.  The Social Security Agency Investigators stated  a red flag was produced when claims from the same health professionals, claims case managers, and attorneys came from the same parties.  SSI investigators then conducted a surveillance investigation into the activities of these former public safety personnel and found the activity contrary to the agency mental health claims laws.

Co-Occurring Disorders are PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, in most cases there is Substance Abuse. For the purpose of this article, SSDI staffers ask during the claim process, “can you work”, your answer must be no. SSDI law is strict, anyone receiving benefits cannot perform any gainful employment at any time while obtaining benefits. The problems seem to be, “is your free time work”, “can I conduct any activity, even those not related to work.” The DA office is seeking  a conviction if the following is not available. These conditions are chronic mental health disorders, which mandate professional counseling for life. One should be in a support group of some type, professional or self-help. Some consumers need mental health medications. The information on the consumers narrative ( report from patient) must be supported. NYPD officers have memo pads which a supervisor sign-off while on duty. Family members should weigh in as supporters.

Base on the information presented to the public by the Manhattan  D.A. office the complete claim process was false reporting and professional fraud. ” My only concern having manage numerous Veterans Claims, some who were public safety employees, will my consumers and I have a legal problem ? Binder Binder has conducted Legal Representation for SSDI claims for 35 years now, they refer to the same professionals, their case managers are the same employees. Must their consumers be concern about government investigators ?

I am sure there is wrongdoing here, however I have asked my consumers,” get out the house, go camping, fishing,” take a trip to see your family in Florida. I will be waiting and following Mr. Vance for we both have concerns. 1020 America. 

google:  James Allen Jenkins, Counselor Emeritus

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Best- Kept !

English: USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center Dire...

English: USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center Director and Huffington Post & Jewish Journal Columnist Marty Kaplan. Photo taken by Edo Photographer Creative Commons License (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the last posting for the year 2013 I trust those who have reviewed the material posted on this Blog came away with the idea we have completed  our mission.  We are proactive to events, happenings, and history in the New Civil Rights Era. Our world has change so we all must react, adjust, wonder what is next in our lives.  Unlike bloggers like Washington, Huffington Post, or the Daily Beast, this manager does not have the legal or financial support to conduct investigations into misconduct and wrongdoing.  We do however follow the Noun of being a blog, a website containing  writer’s who present, based on evidence, their own experiences, observations,opinions, with images, and links to other websites.  Still we received backlash attacks for following the noun of blogging.  Maybe we are doing something currently.  Over the years  I have  been able to have discussions with major players in media. Given the opportunity to cover the President of the United States, let the backlash keep coming. We will continue to use available media resources to perform our mission.

January first is the way most of the world start a new fresh look at life. Lets work together  toward looking at  December 31st 2014 with pride of Human accomplishments.  HAPPY NEW YEAR and continue good health.

Ms Chiara De Blasio Holiday Gift

Christmas Holidays is a time of the year when some individuals tend to feel out of sorts, or depress. Not sharing the holidays with family,friends for whatever reason can produce negative feelings. “One might what to drink and or drug these feeling into place.” Make them right, simply go away. Now, we all know this type of activity is not going to help one who has depressing feelings. The problem is, we don’t all know. The young Ms De Blasio produced  a video for public viewing was timely for she might have save some people from enduring the emotional pain of depression and substance abuse. The thinking, look at her. This was a very brave act and an important one. Now that her father is Mayor of New York City, Mayor Elect at this posting. Sadly this type of private information has a way of becoming public.

A advocate for privacy for this at risk population and a professional for more than twenty years I would like to thank New York First Daughter for her public display of a very private matter. There is much work to do relating to the stigma of  consumers with mental health issues. All the laws our Congress has passed in support, Rehab. Act., ADA, HIPAA, among other civil rights laws have been largely ignored, overlooked. Violation happens each and everyday, and people have had their live ruin. Lost employment, family and friends who turn away because they do not understand.

Flag of the Mayoral Office of New York City Source

Flag of the Mayoral Office of New York City Source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I trust New York City Newly elected Mayor  will work with the greater Mental Health Community in addressing Stigma of  Consumers. A good portion of these people have a good deal to offer New York City if given the option.  Continue good health Ms Blasio.