No More COPS By James A Jenkins Jr.

By Line James A. Jenkins Jr.

”  You said, I saw two a few minutes ago. This media person must have a serious problem. ”  Let me explain why there are no more COPS. COP, constable on patrol or community oriented policing. That the real meaning for cop.  Primary duties, protection of the people and property in the area they are assign. In some place this relates to being off duty.

What we have now are Police Officers, Peace Officers. These men and women take on society problems as they develop in real-time. Emergency, domestic disputes, gang shootings, these are the incidents that can prevent a PO from coming home this night or any other day. There are others who make up the body of law enforcement. Detective, Court Officer, investigator, Crime Specialist, Emergency Units, Correction Officer. Designated Peace Officer some who are arm volunteers. Even the sometime hated Marshall and their Deputies, Parole Officers among others who are to implement the rule of law.

Major media coverage has presented vivid picture of Police officers abuse around America, and the general public is asking why?  One reason there are no more cops. PO who knew your name and you his. Officers Joe, Bob, even officer boop. For he would hit you with his night stick to let you know you must follow their direction. Not hurt you that’s why he was officer boop he was given a nick name.

The “Job” is hard work these days as it has always been.  We must find a balance between the greater community and Police Officer the Peace Officer. COPS are long gone in most communities. How we can make the Police Officer COP presents a bigger Q&A I cannot answer at this time. Understanding who they are can be a start. Police management and supervision has a place in cooperation for a better America, for the situation is national. James A. Jenkins Jr. is Counselor Emeritus, an educational provider NYSOASAS 

Clean The Review

American Drug War: The Last White Hope

American Drug War: The Last White Hope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr. David Sheff has written a book title Clean, Overcoming Addiction and Ending America Greatest Tragedy. My finding, Mr. Sheff has offered a treatment plan, if you will,  using non traditional tools and ideas. He has presented a very well supported overview of the treatment process presently conducted, noting strength and weakness of programs. We seem to agree prevention and wellness is the approach that, will in time, produce the most long  lasting results. This is a good publication for individuals with limited understanding of the “Drug War in America.” His book reads better than slogans ” Just Say No”, coin by former first lady Nancy Reagan. I give his work high points until the contents chapters, Ending Addiction, The Future of Prevention and Treatment, Fighting the Right War. Not having Mr. Sheff or his publisher permission to reproduce selections I can only state buy the book.

In 2000, Americans spent about $36 billion on cocaine,$10 billion on heroin,$5.4 billion on meth, $11 Billion on marijuana,and $2.4 billion on other illicit substances. The source for this information was Washington, DC, Office of National Drug Control. December 2001.” My problem, If the government  has this information why is it war on drug?” It is all a distortions of statics and misinformation which has produced the greatest public health problem in the history of our nation.  Consumer population need to understand substance abuse or dependency is a mental disorder. DSMIII, DSMIV, and it will be a disorder in the forth-coming DSMV. (Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders) There is a good deal more to review here lets save that. Thanks for stopping by and continued good health.

Congrat to Boston Law Enforcement

Mental Health Month Poster

Mental Health Month Poster (Photo credit: Army Medicine)

Now that the suspects have been handled, the good citizens of Boston must start to heal. This is a timely process, most will not start to comprehend the emotional trauma  until weeks later. “There is no shame in seeking assistance”,  much help is available. Mental Health Disorders has been on the front page lately due to citizens seeking gun control legislation. This is the positive aspect of mental health, treatment, putting the parts of life back, parts that have been taken away due to traumatic events.

Acts of terrorism is not mental illness for the most part, it is an emotion of misguided faith, creeds, attempts to violate human rights and produce a sense of fear to a community or nation. Law Enforcement culture is to gather and discuss operations over a beer. Peer discussion is a good source for addressing feelings,emotions. However, if peer discussion cannot control anxiety then there may be the need to seek professional counseling. Mental Health America provides Workplace Wellness. “Remember, there no shame, you have just experience an act unlike any in the history of your Boston.” Continue good health and thanks for stopping by.

“Under Attack” Health Care Information

In 1996 there were almost 9,000 New York State credentialed counselors who dramatically impact substance abuse and mental health care. Noted,” New York State always had a stronger voice in advocating for alcoholism and substance abuse counseling at the national level”.

This quality care for consumers has and is presently being compromised by  governmental along with big business. There is a true lack of UNDERSTANDING AS TO WHAT American with Disabilities Act, ADA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA. These civil rights laws are tools to give opportunity for a population that has and can bring a great deal of strength to an employer if given the proper support. The problem is not only in mental health, health care in general is under attack. Our military is in the ranks as well.

Consumers,big business, government must take the lack of true protection in information technology more serious. Mr. Jim Sheldon-Dean, founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC,  is a fore- runner as far back as 1982.  In case you have not heard this is the year 2013, yet the lack of respect for our life information continue.

Worker Charged in Hospital File Thefts, New York Times, Sunday, April 13th, by line John Eligon is just a small example of how life property is stolen.  More audits, enforcement along with penalties, advocacy for compliance and proactive activity from you the consumer is the answers, you think?